About EZnet Solutions

EZnet Solutions

  1. Mission Statement
    • Los Angeles based EZnet Solutions has had great experience in working with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide since 2003. While providing cutting-edge solutions as well as deploying in real situation we find our own path in IT outsource market. We have created our presence in technical partnership with Small & Medium size businesses & Los Angeles local government, Non-profit Organizations, NGOs, even with United Nations. Learning and growing is our essential background. We want to grow with our clients together and our partnership will contribute on making world better.
  2. EZnet Solution's Main Focus
    • Web Design & Development
    • Business Innovation
    • Web hosting
    • ERP/CMS/CRM/ Open Source integration
    • Make world better!
  3. Future Interests
    • More education contribution
    • i14n (internationalization), L10n (Localization) contributions
    • Korean Heritage work
    • Digital contents making, eBook marketing
    • For better downtown Los Angeles, apparel Industry's PLM (product life-cyle management)  development